Preschool program - ages 3-4

The Kingsway School of Music has been a leader in music education since early 2000 and continuously growing and innovating. Our preschool program’s foremost priorities are to provide students with a friendly, nurturing, safe and supportive school environment where teachers are caring, encouraging, and dedicated to the overall success of every student. Our curriculum center is music and use the Baby Piano methodology of introducing music at a young age. Musical concepts are learned through activities children enjoy like singing, chanting, movement and playing instruments. Kindergarten readiness is also a component of the curriculum. Our goal is getting your child ready for full time school and help them develop social, emotional and cognitive skills that will set them up for success. Our three-hour preschool program mimics a half day school schedule, and a typical day would consist of a morning music circle, classroom centers, opportunities for individual work and development, piano time, snack, literacy period, math and science blocks, and visual arts.