Baby piano Step 3 - ages 4-5

Step 3, our group piano curriculum for ages 4-5, provides the foundations of piano playing for the youngest learners, using songs, games, the group setting. This well thought out music curriculum that will cover the following concepts over the span of full school year:

Musical elements

  • Dynamics: concept of loud/soft
  • Tempo: concept of fast/slow
  • Structure: 2-bar repeated melody
  • Pitch: concept of high/low
  • Melodies: move by step or in 3rds

Pitch Names/Notation

  • Pre-reader – melodic contour with rhythmic notation
  • All note names as letters

Techniques & Articulation

  • Bubble hand
  • 5-finger C position – RH
  • 5-finger G position – RH
  • C and B in LH
  • Concept of held notes and short
  • Notes and technique
  • (Extensions: LH octaves with RH)

Rhythms & Time Signatures

  • Crotchets, minims, semibreves
  • Songs mainly in 4/4, occasional

Scales, Chords & Keys

  • Songs in C Major
  • 5-finger C scale
  • Occasional C and E, 2-note chord