Baby piano Step 2 - ages 3-4

This 55-minute class is designed for children ages 3 to 4 years old, who are new to Baby Piano and are graduates of the Step 1 Baby Piano program. The Baby Piano Step 2 curriculum is a fun and interactive program that provides piano foundations to young learners. Students will be immersed in learning about musical elements such as notes, beats, pitch, and tone along with introduction and exposure to other instruments such as percussion, string and wind.

The curriculum also includes creative movement, singing, large muscle games, cognitive and fine motor activities, and literacy through music. Students learn about stage behaviour and as a group work together, towards the common goal of a musical piano performance for their families at the end of the program. Classes are delivered by early childhood educators that specialize in music and child development and each class is accompanied by a professional pianist who provides the rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic support and children learn to communicate with the pianist on a musical level.