Preschool Summer Camp

Experts say that a child will make the same progress within two to four weeks of learning at a preschool summer camp that they would make in one year of their normal life. This is confirmed to us every year when we see the accelerated development of children who have participated in preschool summer camps.

However, it is not just about how much progress a child can make in one, two, three, or four weeks. It’s about the entire experience that helps form them into a responsible individual in the world they live in. Though preschool summer camps are focused and can be intense, children do not tend to notice this as they are transferred to a new environment and engaged in a different type of learning where information and values ​​are assimilated uniquely.

Still not convinced about the benefits of a preschool summer camp? Here are the 4 biggest advantages of preschool summer camps:

1. Develop friendship, social skills, and emotional intelligence Without their parents nearby, children are in a position to take on "social risks".

Our cultural norm teaches parents to intervene on behalf of their children, mediate their child’s situations, and be overly protective. However, preschool summer camps put children in a scenario where they are encouraged to deal with different types of social interactions on their own. As children are brought from all over and take part without their parents, they are able to take these social risks together as they learn to work, play, empathize, and form strong bonds with each other. Research has noted that these kids, almost without exception, make friendships that will last over the years and that children significantly develop their emotional intelligence (EQ), including recognizing, understanding, and controlling emotions.

2. Move away from technology Statistics showing the high volume of time children spend on tablets, mobile phones, and TVs is concerning.

However, when children rediscover their creative abilities, are interacting with people, and creating real-life experiences, all electronic gadgets can be turned off and won’t be missed. This, of course, is valid provided that the preschool summer camp does not have a computer and does not include programming or coding classes.


3. Learn teamwork and leadership

Teamwork means knowing how to share responsibilities with others, discovering your skills and creativity, forming your own voice while allowing others to be heard, and fulfilling your commitments. Preschool summer camps develop these skills in children by giving them the freedom to make decisions, try new things, and make mistakes without feeling embarrassed in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages them to get involved in teamwork.

4. Develop self-confidence

When taking risks and facing challenges in a preschool summer camp, children develop their own independence, flexibility, and self-confidence in a safe environment and under supervision. While good grades are valued in schools, preschool summer camps highlight and appreciate every positive contribution a child makes during workshops and activities. Every child can feel valued and praised for their contribution. Once a child experiences a sense of success their self-confidence will grow, helping them forget the meaning of shyness.

For these reasons and so many more, a preschool summer camp can benefit the development of your child on a physical, intellectual, and emotional level, regardless of their age.

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