Piano lessons for kids

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Piano lessons for kids

When is time for piano lessons for kids and why is piano so unique? The child's first contact with the piano can be very direct, thanks to a simple way of producing sound - by pressing the keys, which the child will easily discover on his own, through play.

Piano lessons for kids from other views

The piano has been around since its inception and is still the most popular musical instrument today. There is a piano department in every music school, and it is usually the department with the most professors and students. It is important that piano lessons for kids are for the appropriate age. Basic music education for piano (so-called lower music school) lasts six years in general. 

An instrument for all genres

Knowing how to play the piano that your child acquires as a child, opens up a large number of opportunities for later music. The piano is one of the instruments that are represented in almost all genres of music - in classical, jazz, various types of popular music (keyboards). The educated pianist, in addition to the possibilities for a solo concert career (which is, after all, a goal that only exceptional individuals can reach), is offered a number of other options. From playing in an orchestra or chamber ensemble, through pedagogical work (as a professor of piano and other musical subjects), to the work of a piano accompanist.

Necessary basis in piano lessons for kids

In addition to individual piano lessons for kids, which are usually held twice a week, the children in the music school also have solfeggio classes, and from the higher grades also classes in music theory. In solfeggio classes, which are of the group type, reading and writing notes are learned and basic musical concepts are mastered - melody, rhythm, chords, intervals ... All this is a necessary basis without which progress in playing the instrument would not be possible. At the end of each school year, students take the final exams in both subjects in front of the commission, in which they show the acquired knowledge and receive grades that are entered in the booklet.

Piano lessons for kids

How to get to the instrument

If you don't already have a piano at home, and buying an instrument is a big expense for you, you may not need to bother with the purchase. Wait a minute - your child may quickly give up and lose interest. However, if it is progressing well and the piano teacher in piano lessons for kids recognizes the talent in it, it will probably suggest that you get some kind of instrument, so that the child can practice at home. For constant progress in playing, it is necessary to practice for at least an hour every day, which is easier to achieve if the piano is nearby.

Basic variants 

Pianos exist in three basic variants: piano - or upright piano, also the smallest, semi-concert - much larger and horizontally placed strings, on three legs, and a large concert piano for halls and halls. The price of used pianos, which are usually bought for beginners, ranges from 1000-1500 dolars. The most common are pianos of the brand "Chaika", "Belorus" or "Petrof", which are almost constantly "circling" around the city among music school students. And they can easily be sold for a similar amount if the child gives up. It would be best to bring an expert to buy the instrument, who will know how to evaluate it. Let's say a piano tuner, ie. piano repair master.

Internal and public piano lessons for kids 

It is customary to hold internal and public school classes in music schools every month, where more successful and hard-working students perform, thus gaining a very important experience of playing in front of an audience. It is also an opportunity to come and hear your child and other children in a real concert atmosphere. Of course, if your child is very successful, they will participate in competitions in the country (city, state, etc.), but also abroad, which largely depends on your and the teacher's commitment. Private piano lessons for kids are an option that does not provide exactly the same opportunities as a music school, but that is why there is no entrance exam, no prescribed age, no exam, no grade. If the child achieves good results with a private teacher, there is an opportunity to take exams in music school as a part-time student.

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