music affect childrens development

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How does music affect childrens development

Some would think that music has nothing to do with mathematics, but that is not exactly the case. It is rhythms that help children learn mathematical laws. And that's not all. Quality music encourages the development of speech, through music classes for kids, children practice their mother language, and they also learn foreign languages.

Quality music affects the development of both parts of the brain, develops their concentration, logical thinking, affects the nervous system. Children love to sing together, and it develops a sense of belonging and they love to play instruments and that's what develops their motor skills in music classes for kids.

Children's songs about friendship, school, and topics that are close to them. Short, major, melodies with an interesting rhythm that evokes positive feelings. That is what children should listen to in music classes for kids It is important that children's songs are educational and fun, and the lyrics are adapted to children. Classical, film, and original folk music are also recommended.

music affect childrens development

For children who are more than 10 years old and will no longer be children, there is great music in the field of classical music, where they can get used to going to concerts, listen to a CD that is again appropriate for their age, and thus develop their love for music, towards the theater and towards concerts. But also in music classes for kids, they could go through all of these themes.

The growth of a child with quality music is not only important for the development of his personality, but also for the whole society.

It is important that we all guide children at all levels in the right way because the society will later be exactly as it is created by young people, and later by mature people".

And as Aristotle said, music has the power to shape character. That's why it's important to be the right one.

Music classes for kids in our school are very interesting and educative.

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