Mom, baby and music

Mom's love, care and affection are what the baby needs most to grow up in a healthy environment conducive to good and healthy development. The relationship between mother and baby that begins at conception is the baby's first contact with people, and the mother is the person through whom and with whose help the baby lives.

We will briefly remember that the baby reacts to the sound in the first week while it is still in the mother's womb. Namely, during the twenty-third week, the child's hearing is formed enough to be able to react to external sounds; during this period, the baby's cerebral cortex is sufficiently developed for thinking, and then the sense of hearing is established. Due to external stimulation (singing, chattering, talking, exposure to music), the baby feels sounds in the form of vibrations through amniotic fluid and reacts to them. According to numerous researches, singing has been assessed as a significant external stimulation, because it represents the first language lessons that a child received in the womb. Some elements of music, especially pitch, color and intensity of tone, but also rhythm are elements that are used in speech, and we noticed that music, especially singing, significantly improves the conditions for learning speech and expanding vocabulary. In addition, studies have shown that a six-month-old fetus can move its body to the rhythm of its mother's speech.



So, we concluded that the mother is the first person who prepares and introduces the baby to the world of music while she is still in her womb. Music, in addition to encouraging the development of the baby, enables its rapprochement with the mother and their mutual communication, which begins in the prenatal good when babies often show with their own blows which music they like and which irritate them. This type of musical communication continues later in the child's life.