how to motivate children to practice piano

2021-02-06   Admin

How to motivate children to practice piano

It’s Saturday afternoon: time for piano lessons for kids. You've reminded your child twice already since lunchtime. Yet instead of keys being played, all you've heard so far is “In a minute!”

You point out, yet again, that piano is great for both mathematical skills and language learning. Of course, your child isn't convinced. It's in these moments that you wonder whether your kid really will be grateful for the opportunity they had to learn an instrument during their childhood.

The chemistry needs to be right in piano lessons for kids

Finding the right teacher for piano lessons for kids is crucial. Your son or daughter must be able to connect with their teacher. No matter how accomplished or qualified a teacher is, they won't be able to teach your child successfully if the two don't get along with each other. Listen carefully when your child talks about their teacher and pay attention to signs that they don't gel well. Of course, it's natural for your child to complain about having to learn something new or difficult. This is something you both have to go through, after all! However, if your child starts to complain about the teacher as a person, do your best to work out why. Try talking to the teacher about it.

Practice time and expectations in piano lessons for kids

Once you've found the right teacher for piano lessons for kids, practicing at home is the next step to master. In the early stages, it's important to keep practice sessions quite short. Children will be much happier to work through two sessions of 10 to 15 minutes of practice each day, rather than one long session in the evening. It also helps to make practice a part of their routine during the week.

how to motivate children to practice piano

Use small treats in piano lessons for kids

Developing a routine of practicing takes time but is also very important. To get into the habit of practicing regularly, little treats can be helpful in the beginning. These treats can be almost anything, depending on what works for your child. I recommend negotiating with your son or daughter about the kind of treats they would like and what you approve of, such as extra minutes to spend at the PC, extra mobile phone credits, or staying up a bit longer on the weekend when your child practices regularly.

How you can make practice cool and fun

Kids and teens love smartphones and tablet PCs, or in short, everything that has a screen and looks like fun. This enthusiasm for technical devices can be useful when it comes to teaching piano, too. Some piano teachers at piano lessons for kids already include tablet PCs in their lessons. This lends a certain “coolness factor” that has a positive impact on a child’s attitude towards practicing. 

Find your set of “little helpers”

When you start to learn how to play an instrument, motivation usually is at its highest. Everything is new and exciting. Especially at the piano, it is possible to play a nice little tune quickly. The challenge is to actually keep this motivation over a long period of time.

I hope I have given you some inspiration to find the “little helpers” that will keep your child motivated in the piano lessons for kids.

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