how to make interesting piano lessons for kids

2020-09-20   Admin

How to make interesting piano lessons for kids

Piano lessons for kids could be very interesting. Engaging a child’s attention, concentration, and imagination for thirty minutes can be mighty challenging! Even though they are excited by the piano and the idea of making music, their age makes it hard for most of them to stay focused and can make it challenging for you to think of ways on how to make piano lessons fun. 

We will give you the top 5 advice how you can make piano lessons for kids more interesting.

1. Don’t spend a lot of time on one task

Children’s attention span is short and they prefer variety. Spending five minutes on one piece of music can feel like a long time for them. Working on several different pieces and mixing it up with different activities, like note reading and clapping rhythms, makes piano lessons for kids fun.

2. Piano lessons for kids through some games

Kids love games and they help in the learning process. For example, having a bag of tiny erasers, with each one shaped like a different animal standing for one of the notes. Give them an eraser and ask them to place it on a certain note, such as “the highest C you can find” or “the B flat nearest to middle C”. It gets tons of big smiles and laughter with this game. After getting quite a few animals in place, they naturally want to play each note with an animal on it, to see what music it creates. This also makes them laugh because it sounds bonkers! After the game, it’s great to let them keep one of the erasers, which leads to them asking if they can play the game every lesson so they can collect one of each animal. It’s a win-win, and an easy way to make piano lessons for kids fun.

how to make interesting piano lessons for kids

3. Piano lessons for kids with exploring the inside of the piano

Deliberately beating up an old piano can help in the long run. It happens to stay in tune for a remarkably long time and already has many chips from being used for a very long time, so there’s no need to worry about it getting damaged. Open up the lid and expose the inside of the piano (this is easiest with a grand, but can also be done with an upright) and let the child watch the hammers as he plays the notes. It also makes them feel more connected to the piano and more powerful as they connect their movements with what’s happening inside the piano. This is a great way to make piano lessons for kids more fun!

4. Put stuff in the piano to change the sound

This is another great thing to do without having to worry about ruining the piano. It’s great to put different types of paper across the strings so we can hear the difference in sound. Regular paper, aluminum foil (which sounds like a harpsichord), or even a box of tissues. Lay a pencil across the strings and have the student play notes to watch the pencil jump about.  

5. Find out which songs the child loves

Once in a while, you might get a six-year-old desperate to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Whatever it is that excites them, teach them to play some of it in the simplest way you can. This will make piano lessons fun for them. They will be keen to come back and learn the next bit.

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