4 reasons why group piano lessons are amazing for kids

Are you a parent who can see how responsive your child is to music and you want to find a way to nurture and grow their love for music?

Piano Lessons and music created on this wonderful instrument will awaken many beautiful feelings in your child. If you are thinking of enrolling your child in piano classes, we definitely recommend you to try it! There are some pretty amazing benefits that group piano lessons can achieve. Here are just a few of them:

Group piano lessons and Focus

Piano lessons boost children's concentration and motivation. It is not easy to sit at the piano and practice every day. It takes patience, focus and discipline. Piano classes improve speech, reading and listening skills, as well as creativity.

Even if your child takes piano classes for a short period of time, it will be of great benefit. When your child learns to play an instrument, it is like learning a new language, because the same parts of the brain are stimulated.


Group Piano Lessons and Emotions

Piano lessons help children learn to better express their feelings. Music evokes beautiful emotions in every person only while listening to it. Imagine the explosion of emotion that the one who produces that music has. The pianist, although he seems calm and focused, his body is under an incredible rush of the most beautiful and strongest emotions.

There are subtle changes in our voices that can show our mood and emotions. Similarly, there are changes in music that allow us to feel emotions. These are changes in tone, changes in volume, changes in melody. Group piano lessons help children learn a lot about feelings and empathy.


Group Piano Lessons and Listening skills 

Research shows that children who take group piano lessons are better at hearing subtle differences in tone - both in music and speech. Piano classes help them become better listeners and better understand and read the emotions that people try to convey through normal conversation.


Group Piano Lessons and Self-confidence

Group lessons help take that first step toward performing in front of a crowd. Any kind of crowd, meaning even our classmates, is a crowd. Public appearances build self-confidence. It takes a lot of courage to sit in front of a large group of people and believe with your nervous fingers that they will play a wonderful melody. Public appearances build self-confidence that will help your child throughout his life. And the last, but by no means the least important advantage - THE FEELING IS AMAZING! Sitting at the piano, reading notes and watching your fingers make beautiful sounds - a feeling that cannot be described.




Baby Piano Classes, in our beautiful and inspiring space, with the best teachers and educators, will help your child develop their social skills and express their emotions in the most creative way, while learning a lifelong skill! We can't wait to nurture your child's love of music and the piano. Get started this fall, sign up here.