awakening of senses for music

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Early awakening of senses for music

Children and music, there is a wonderful connection especially when we are talking about music classes for kids... Even before they are born, babies are sensitive to sounds from the environment. From the earliest age and during growing up, music is a source of pleasure and awakening of the senses. Learn how the world of music can contribute to the development of your little one!

Development of the sense of hearing in the uterus

The baby becomes aware of sounds and music while still in the womb, and the sense of hearing is the most developed sense of the unborn child. From the 16th week of pregnancy, babies can react to the sounds that reach them, and from the 30th week, their ears are fully formed. They like the sounds of lower frequencies such as your heartbeat, dad's voice, or the sound of waves on the beach. 

Music also affects the baby. When you listen to music, your baby's pulse changes and it starts to move. Babies love gentle melodies, especially the sound of the piano. Try playing Chopin's Nocturne or Bach's Prelude in music classes for kids.

awakening of senses for music

The musical ear of a newborn

The baby is sensitive to music from birth. If you regularly listen to some music during pregnancy, play it to your baby again. The baby will easily recognize the music and you will see how he shows interest. These songs can also help you when your baby can't sleep or when he's crying all the time: the calming effect of famous music has been noticed in many babies, because it reminds them of positive emotions before birth, and gives them a sense of security and calm.

From an early age, babies love to sing to them, even if you don't sing the best, your voice is most pleasing to the baby's ears. Children's songs and lullabies stimulate the baby to listen, concentrate on the sound, develop a sense of art, and learn the language. Thus, music encourages learning and emotionally connects you and your baby. Even if they are young you can think about music classes for kids.

When your baby becomes a musician

As the baby grows, so does his interest in music. From the fourth to the sixth month, you can give her a rattle to learn to rattle. Later, they will enjoy the sounds of toys and sound books and will learn to press the keys to hear different sounds. Also, you can give your baby music classes for kids.

As soon as the baby is able to sit on his own, you will be able to give him musical instruments, which will become more and more complex with age. Start with drums, rattles, or keyboards, which are easy to use. You can try an accordion, guitar, or xylophone later. Anyway, babies love playing with sounds and they like to make different sounds. These instruments represent an opportunity to improve their motor functions, hearing, and musicality.

If your baby enjoys music games, you can enroll him in music lessons for toddlers. There are workshops for the youngest from one year onwards and they offer a large number of musical activities, such as singing, playing, voice games, recognizing instruments and experimenting, rhythmic exercises, and other music classes for kids. Ideal for future musicians!

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