A child in the world of music

What is the right time to start piano lessons for kids? Why are piano lessons for kids so unique? What are the benefits of taking lessons? How do piano lessons for kids differ around the globe? 

The child's first interaction with the piano  is very straightforward, thanks to a simple way of producing the sound - by pressing the keys, which the child will easily discover on his own, through play. Every step you take after that initial contact will make all the difference in your child's musical journey. 


Piano lessons for kids in North America

The piano has been around for a long time and since its inception, it is still the most popular musical instrument today, no matter what part of the world we are in. Piano lessons for kids and music education, in general, will however be different, looking around the globe. North America offers music education to anyone who can afford it and is open to anyone who has a desire to just try or go forward and master playing an instrument. This is such an amazing thing! However, piano lessons for kids are taught at the teachers individual discretion based on their personal knowledge and ability. It is up to the parents to decide if they feel that their child is in the right hands, or a decision is made purely to save money. Lessons are usually set to be once a week for 30 minutes. There are no mandatory exams, tests or concerts to reflect progress. 


What is different when taking piano lessons for kids in Europe

In Europe, music education is funded by the government and just like public schools, there are music schools where you can apply to play an instrument. Music is taught only by qualified teachers and Piano lessons for kids as well as other instruments are recommended and assigned after a family interview and set of ear tests conducted within the school. Not every child gets the opportunity to play, and music lessons can be started only at a recommended age. Once accepted to piano lessons for kids, twice a week one on one lessons are attended as well as group solfeggio classes. To keep your spot in the school, one must practice, attend and perform at concerts, pass exams, and keep up with the curriculum. More subjects are added every year to support and give a rounded musical education.



What to expect from piano lessons for kids regardless of where they are

Wherever we are in the world, there will be a piano department in every music school, and surely it will be the department with the most teachers and students. Whatever age you or your child decide to commence lessons, it is important those piano lessons for kids are designed appropriately for that age. Formal basic music education for piano known also as primary music education six years long. Therefore, you must keep in mind that learning to play an instrument is a marathon not a sprint! You must give piano lessons for kids, time and patience, as well as a fair amount of work. Well, just as anything else! 


Piano lessons for kids at the KINGSWAY SCHOOL OF MUSIC in Toronto

Here at Baby Piano Classes at the Kingsway School of Music we have many teachers that you can meet and choose the right fit. All our teachers are active performers that can give your child the best possible music experience in piano lessons. We encourage all our students to take part in our bi-yearly recitals, as well as take part in festivals, RCM exams, and play for family and friends! 

We are always happy to offer guidance and support in buying the best instrument within your budget to meet your playing needs.