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Meet our team

The Baby Piano team have been together for years and have loved every minute we have spent teaching and inspiring our young students, sparking their interest in music, supporting their development and creating happy experiences. We are integrated and invested in the communities we serve and appreciate the loyal support we continue to receive and are grateful for each child in our program.

Meet Melissa

Founder and Teacher

Melissa Curic studied at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade where she learned to play both the violin and piano and finished her Masters diploma in violin performance and teaching. Before moving to Canada, Melissa lived in Vienna, Austria, where she worked as a freelance musician and played in many youth orchestras.

Since moving to Toronto in 2011, Melissa earned her OCT teacher certificate to continue her love of teaching children and has now taught music to over 200 students. In addition to running the group preschool programs at Baby Piano, Melissa has a private music lesson studio in The Kingsway.

Inspired by her 3 young children and her love of music and learning, Melissa chose to create the Baby Piano toddler music program to introduce preschool children to music through a professional, creative, interactive and structured environment, where the fun of learning is celebrated.



Mira studied both violin and piano at the Mokranjac Music School before pursuing her dream to be an ECE and for the last 11 years, has worked with preschool aged children in a daycare setting.

Mira’s work experience and professional development extends to creating and giving numerous presentations and workshops at early childhood conferences related to music and the positive impact to a child’s development.

Mira, a mother of 2 children, shares her full wealth of knowledge and experience in designing the class programs for the Baby Piano toddler music sessions specific to each age group and development stage.



Amy has been an RECE for 15 years, is registered with the CECE and proactively expands her training into support areas such as curriculum development, children’s literature, sign language and speech development, allergy awareness, first aid and CPR. Amy plays the guitar and is a participant of the Association of Early Childhood Music in Ontario.

Amy uses her work experience at early learning centers, schools in the private sector and not for profit nursery schools, along with her education background and additional training to correlate child development with music and provide appropriate activities in movement and art.

Inspired by the natural inquisitiveness of children and their abilities to explore and absorb, Amy sees learning as a dynamic process in which the teacher and child progress and discover knowledge together; it is this co-working relationship that draws in the children and creates bonds of trust. Amy, a mother of 3 children, is committed to the growth of the whole-self and integrates this way of interacting with her Baby Piano students to bring out their true best selves while in her care.



Gillian is a pianist, classically trained by the Royal Conservatory of Music and has completed her ARCT diploma in Piano Performance. In addition to classical music, Gillian has learned to play other genres of music including jazz, blues, and contemporary music and also plays the violin and viola.

With a well-rounded education in hand, Gillian has spent many years playing with The Carriage House Orchestra, based in Vernon, B.C. and has vast experience accompanying on the piano singers and ballet dancers during their performances and has taught students privately at her music studio.

Gillian brings her well-honed expertise in teaching, music accompaniment, teamwork, adaptability, and awareness to support, encourage and inspire the young students of Baby Piano toddler music.



Justina is a violinist, pianist, and an OCT-certified elementary school music teacher based in downtown Toronto. She has been working with students from kindergarten to Grade 8 to foster their love and appreciation for various instruments, and teaches the ukulele, guitar, violin, drums, and piano in her music program.

She loves a variety of music genres, and is always looking for ways to incorporate them into her music lessons. Her main goal is to develop students’ socio-emotional skills through group performances, while providing them with foundational techniques required of growing musicians to excel. She is continuously learning to develop her teaching methods for young musicians, and has been enjoying accompanying the Baby Piano group.

She has completed her ARCT in violin under the Royal Conservatory of Music, and has attained her Bachelor of Music Education through the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music. In her free time, Justina enjoys playing around with different instruments, arranging music and performing music with her family and friends.



Sonya Moussa has a background in early childhood education and is working towards obtaining her BA in Child Development. For Sonya, the opportunity to support children in their growth and development is a source of great pride. With 10 years experience in childcare, Sonya has worn many different hats from volunteering at the Centennial Infant and Childcare Centre to running a licensed daycare. She is passionate about making a difference in a child’s life and developing strong, trusting relationships with children and their families.

Growing up in a musical family with an avid guitar-playing mother, Sonya found that music was a natural bridge to engage children and support their development. She believes that children respond well to sounds and rhythms, and is excited to help expand their minds through their musical exploration. With a combination of play and engaging activities, her goal is to promote growth in all developmental domains (social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and language) using music and movement. Sonya’s personal love for singing means that she is ready to explore the world of music with you and your children!