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A child in the world of music

What is the right time to start piano lessons for kids? Why are piano lessons for kids so unique? What are the benefits of taking lessons? How do piano lessons for kids

4 reasons why group piano lessons are amazing for kids

Are you a parent who can see how responsive your child is to music and you want to find a way to nurture and grow their love for music?

Different music programs for children

There are different approaches used by educators when it comes to learning music. Some of the best ways to teach children music are to use the child's innate curiosity and teach children 

Join our Baby Piano Classes this Spring!

Young children are unpredictable by nature, making every Baby Piano class a fun and new challenge. Capturing the attention of a child

Music Therapy Classes at Baby Piano School

Music Therapy uses music to address physical, emotional, cognitive, or social challenges.

Preschool Summer Camp

Experts say that a child will make the same progress within two to four weeks of learning at a preschool summer camp that they would make in one year of their normal life.

Mom, baby and music

Mom's love, care and affection are what the baby needs most to grow up in a healthy environment conducive to good and healthy development. 

Music for kids

Music for kids is most often associated with enjoyment and pleasure. However, its educational role is very important,since it has...

Benefits of Music classes for toddlers

Music classes for toddlers can play a large role in building the foundation in these first developmental stages. You don’t need to be musically...

Camp Baby Piano

Camp Baby Piano offers an innovative, interactive and fun-filled week for preschool-aged children. A week of music and...

Language development in Music classes

In our music classes, we will use various games, crafts, instruments to support motor development. At a young age taking part in music classes should be..

Early awakening of senses for music

Children and music, there is a wonderful connection especially when we are talking about music classes for kids... Even before...

How does music affect childrens development

Some would think that music has nothing to do with mathematics, but that is not exactly the case. It is rhythms that help children learn...

music classes for kids

Music classes for kids

Music classes for kids yes or no? Music is most often associated with enjoyment and pleasure. However, its educational role is very...

How music affects our life

Music is a kind of art that surrounds us every day and is an integral part of our lives. In music classes for kids, we listen to... 

piano lessons for kids

How to motivate children to practice piano

It’s Saturday afternoon: time for piano lessons for kids. You've reminded your child twice already since...

piano lessons for kids

Piano lessons for kids

When is time for piano lessons for kids and why is piano so unique? The child's first contact with the piano can be very direct, thanks to a simple...

Music is everywhere

Music classes for kids are popular all over the world. Throughout human existence, music has played a central role in cultures...

music classes for kids

Benefits of Children Learning a Musical Instrument

Music classes for kids can help to relieve pain and reduce stress and anxiety for the patient, resulting in physiological...

music classes for kids

Music classes for kids on your way

Music classes for kids in your own way can be very interesting and educative. Try fun musical activities for kids of all ages that...

piano lessons for kids

How to make interesting piano lessons for kids

Piano lessons for kids could be very interesting. Engaging a child’s attention, concentration, and imagination for thirty minutes can be...